Getting Setup

Here’s a brief step by step with links.  Some of the links are referrals and I get some sort of credit, but these are all programs I actually use:

– You will end up signing up for many sites (rewards, banking, etc) all asking for a new set of credentials.  Lastpass has been a fantastic tool for me to use different passwords on each site.

– Tracks reward points across multiple programs, this has been a great tool for me.

Credit Sesame
– Provides FAKO score that should give you an idea of what your Experian score is.

Credit Karma
– Provides FAKO score that should give you an idea of what your Transunion score is.
– Also helped me understand what factors are actually important to maintain credit

Example of Credit Card Churn Strategy

Great Beginner’s Guide for Reward Site Sign Ups
– Has many of the rewards sites in one location if you want to easily find them

Great Credit Card Deals

International Flight Plans

100,000 American Airlines ($450 annual fee, $10,000 spend in 3 months)

3x Amex points for groceries



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